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Welcome to our testimonials page! This is where we give a chance to all the people we have serviced to service us back! They get to show us what they loved about our product/service after we attend their event. If you would like to make a statement and be listed here don’t be afraid to reach out! Call us or email us at

oakton high school

I have been the chairperson for the All Night Graduation Party for Oakton High School for the past 3 years.  We are always looking for ways to improve the evening experience for our graduates.  We are very excited to hire Game Caterers this year to create a “Game Zone” room.  I was very impressed with Karim Hafez and his whole team! Before making a final decision, we asked that they do a demo at the school. It was a HUGE success!  The Oakton students who attended loved every minute of it!  The design worked beautifully so that students could play together as teams, or independently.  Game Caterers were incredibly professional in their Set-up and management of the games.  I didn’t have to do a thing!  With so much going on the night of the All Night Grad Party, I need to have a high level of confidence with any vendor that we hire.  I know that I can count on Karim and Game Caterers.  I can truly see that Game Caterers will be a sought after part of the graduation celebration for years to come!  Thank you, Game Caterers!
Liane MacDowell, ANGP Chair, Oakton High School – Vienna, VA


langley high school

We would like to thank Game Caterers for hosting a FANTASTIC event for our Best Buddies meeting.  The staff was incredibly efficient, abundantly friendly and accommodating to our students with significant needs.  Prior to the meeting, the staff of Game Caterers thought out what would be appropriate and there was a game for everyone to enjoy. Our disabled students and their non-disabled peers were smiling and laughing the entire time!  As a teacher and Best Buddies advisor, it was such a pleasure to see all of our students enjoying themselves so much and the teachers got in on the fun too!  To engage our students and have them interact for an entire hour is no small feat and Game Caterers did just that.
Ariel Schulman, Langley High School – McLean, VA


annandale high school

Karim is a professional and wonderful to work with. He came to demonstrate his gaming product for our event. He is knowledgeable, enthusiastic and patient in showing us his design and how everything works. We were all delighted and loved his gaming product and we look forward to working with him at our next event.
Guadalupe Shartel, ANGP Chair, Annandale High School – Annandale, VA