Video games are bad for you? That's what they said about rock n' roll.
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Product Setup

Event Package

Figure 2. Layout and dimensions of the Event Package setup.

The Game Caterers™ Event Package is when we go guns blazing to make sure your corporate party, wedding, fair, fundraiser, all-night grad, etc. is the ultimate entertainment experience.  This model will comfortably serve between 12-24 guests. As seen in Figure 2 above, you get more players, more seating, party LED lighting, and the option to test out the Game Caterers Proprietary Console. Here’s what it’s all about.

The Game Caterers Propriety Console

In short: we designed a gaming console that houses thousands of games including massively successful titles like Super Mario World, Donkey Kong, GoldenEye, Mortal Kombat, Tekken, Ninja Turtles, you name it. Our machine pulls from virtually all game consoles that existed since the dawn of gaming itself: Super Nintendo, Playstation, Sega, Atari, whatever. Even if you don’t speak gamer, you can still easily relate to how fun it was to play Pac-Man or Space Invaders with that classic controller or arcade feel. On top of all that — it also hosts some of the newest, most graphic-intensive titles for more hardcore gamers like Starcraft 2: Heart of the Swarm. And since our company is so obsessed over playing together, we are bringing two of them which can sustain 4-players each (Super Smash Bros., anyone?). We put so much work making this console possible so we could take your event to a whole new level. We got it to where people start to crowd around. Literally. That’s why we bring along two of our “gaming enthusiasts.”

The Gaming Enthusiasts

Aside from being very technically apt, the two “Gaming Enthusiasts” as we like to call them will professionally monitor the event and even make recommendations to anyone interested in hearing them. Don’t worry, they are very friendly and professional. They won’t disturb your guests. All they are there to do is just enhance their experience. We’ve seen that historically pretty much every single man and woman loves video games – some just need a nudge in the right direction.  This means it doesn’t matter how old you are or what your back story is. Yeah, that’s right – we can get old people to sit down, smile, and laugh when they defeat that big monster or whatever.

Party Package

Figure 1. Layout and dimensions of the Party Package setup.

The Game Caterers™ Standard Package is a terrific option for birthdays, bachelor parties, holidays, or any other special events you can think of. One of our favorites is the “competition marathon” where friends compete in a variety of activities back to back – video games is automatically a staple, of course. This model will comfortably serve between 6-12 guests. If it’s a kids’ party, the equipment can be set down on the floor with accompanying pillows.

If this is your first encounter with Game Caterers, you should realize that we actually prefer to choose the right game(s) for you. Instead of boasting about how wide our selection is, we’re telling you that your best bet is to tell us as much as you can about the guests and the type of party, and let us take care of the rest. If you know very little about gaming, that’s perfectly OK. Otherwise, call us and we can discuss any particular genres you’re interested in – whether you love strategy games or shooter-zombie games. Our previous clients have always loved our selection and hopefully you will too. For parents, that means you can bet we’ll strive to get that precious Mom and/or Dad seal-of-approval.

Also keep in mind that Game Caterers specializes in gaming together. It’s no fun if there’s a bunch of people playing different games side by side. Once you get a taste of how fun it is to be in the same game and boasting about your achievements or talking cooperative strategy, there’s no going back. Parents love this too because in the case of a children’s party, it’s easy to monitor everyone and a great way to promote healthy social growth.