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Both the XBOX One and PS4 Have Ditched System Link



Video games have been around for quite a long time. The Atari secured their place as the winner of the original console wars back in 1980s. Unfortunately the latest two mainstream consoles – The Xbox One and PS4 – both ditched the whole concept of System Link.

What does this mean for gamers everywhere?

It means even if both you and your buddy have a console and TV in the same room, you both have to get online to play together. While at first this may seem acceptable, it really puts a severe hindrance on the ability to have a bunch of your friends playing together – which is where all the fun is. The reason for this is because we live in such a corporate driven world today that the new online-only model is simply the most profitable. The whole concept of “digital rights management” or DRM, was certainly a catalyst for this.

In the 1990′s with classic PC games like Warcraft and Counter-strike you could play with your friends over a local home network. Most people got frustrated with having to buy that many copies of the title, and rarely did you have to login to verify that each gamer purchased their own copy. Many people turned to burning CDs, and online piracy became a huge problem for video game developers.

The only alternative to this at the time was split-screen gaming like Mario and GoldenEye when Nintendo took the throne. The important thing was that gaming was done as a group. This was also hurting company profits. One thing led to another and now everyone is holed up playing by themselves – and sadly, video gaming became frowned upon as being an “anti-social”, “nerdy” or “loser” thing to do. How could we be living in ever-more connected world but be shifting away from the social aspect of gaming? Whatever happened to trash talking your buddy after you fragged him right across from you?