Video games are bad for you? That's what they said about rock n' roll.
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The Ultimate Video Game Party Experience

We provide the most engaging, socially-driven, video game experience for our clients. We have the most beautiful, professional setup of anyone in the industry and can guarantee you haven't seen anything like it. Whatever the ages, genders, personality types, "gamers" or "non-gamers" are present at your event, all guests' enjoyment and satisfaction is our promise.

Whether it's a birthday party, grand opening, corporate event, - whatever - your peers will love you for being extremely creative for booking us! We offer an unbeatable low price for you to see how truly exciting close-knit gaming can be. We are located in Centreville, VA and are currently servicing all of Virginia, Maryland, and DC for parties and events.
"We've hosted more than one event with them, and the kids say they have a blast every time."
Sue Neilson, of Fairfax, VA

Everyone Loves Gaming

Human beings love video gaming. It gets our creative juices flowing and makes us feel good. Why not have these feelings at your special event?

Suitable For All Ages

It’s easy for us to put smiles on children, but we are willing to bet we can make adults have a great time too with the variety of games we offer.

The Best Hardware

We spared no expense in ensuring all of our equipment is the best out there. The displays and even the audio quality is Premium HD.

Gaming Enthusiasts

We vet our employees for their ability to be charming and add to the awesome mood we can create for your party – in addition to being tech savvy.

Customize the Mood

If you want specific games or types of games at your event, we are happy to let you take the wheel. If not, we know how to make any event that much more special.

Simple Pricing Model

Currently we offer either the “Party” or “Event” packages. If you want to mix things up a bit talk to one of our associates.

Minimal Requirements

All we need is four power outlets and some empty space to setup. We don’t even need you to have an internet connection. Our setup is “offline yet connected.”

From Past to Present

We meticulously handpicked our games to fit the party mood. We did not discriminate games as too old or new or for what system.